About ReChartIt

Bubble chart

For the moment there is only the word bubble chart. However, it works will all subreddits.

To access it, go on the home page, or type in the address bar /r/subRedditNameHere. For example /r/technology.

Words are clickable and bring up the relevant submissions. Clicking on title will redirect you to the post on reddit.com.


D3 community, d3-simple-slider.

Monetization and aspirations

At times, there might be one banner advertisement to help with the running and development costs. The banner will be out of the way, so that the primary focus will still be on the content.

If the community finds value in the site, I would love to be able to develop at it full-time. Ideas are in no short supply.


ReChartIt is not affiliated to Reddit, does not have special privileges and does not have access to any private data. The data shown is publicly available on reddit.

Over18 data is filtered out.